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We are asking You for Your prayers and financial support to reach souls for Our Lord.
We thank You always for Your love and prayerful support of The Message of The Cross.

To His Faithful,

   Just wanted to say what is on my heart.  My concern is that we have so little time to be about our Father's will; and that there is so much to do in the time that He has given us.  We must be about Our Father's business.

  Please be in prayer for His will to be done.  We desire to spread His Word to the World and preach Christ and Him Crucified.  We are preaching The Message Of  The Cross; we have a great mandate to fulfill the Great Commission.  We need your prayers and financial support to reach this World with The Truth of The Old Gospel Message that still works today.  The only Message that can change lives and give true hope is The Message of Christ And Him Crucified!  May God Bless You! 

Your Friend In Christ,   

Pastor Brent Guenther 

Our Prayer Requests:

Please Pray:

That The Message of the Cross will go around the world,

For revival for the church in the USA and around the World,

For the salvation of those who are lost around the World,

For our church and ministries to fulfill the Will of God,

For our services in all our locations,

For our media ministry,

And for the peace and salvation of Isreal.


*By Check or Money Orders:

You May Donate by Checks or Money Order to any of the ministries by sending your love gifts to the following address:

Full Life Family Fellowship

15917 Highway 113

Roland, AR. 72135

Please make your checks or money orders out to:

Full Life Family Fellowship

Please let us know which one of the ministries you are supporting by writing it on your check or money orders

( Please include your name and address so that we may send you your receipt. )

Thanks You for your love gifts.  May God richly bless you for your love, support, and prayers.


*By Debit or Credit Cards:

For a donation by Debit or Credit Card please click the link below and Email Us your Mailing Address.  Write the word "CARD FORM" and your Mailing Address and we will mail you our Card Form.  ( If so desire you may Mail us your information via USPS and ask for a "Card Form".  Be sure to include a mailing address. )  Thanks Again for your support!

All Tithes and Offerings are greatly appreciated and used for His Glory. Thank You for your help in helping us to do His work and spreading His Word to the World.

Click Here To Email Us!

You may request a "CARD FORM" by TEXT.

Just text  the words  "Card Form"  and  your mailing address  to  501-401-4800 and we will send you one of our card forms.  Your address is also used to send you your receipt.

Financial Support:

We must go into all the World, and Preach The Gospel to every person.  We need your help in the harvest.

Thank you for your help in the following areas:

General Ministry Fund - (Helps meet all the basic needs of His Work.)

Building Fund - (Church building, repair, and remoldeling for His Glory.)

Benevolence Fund - (Meeting the basic needs of those in need.)

Youth Ministry - (Reaching the next generation with The Message of The Cross.)

Youth Retreat / Camp - (A camp experience that reaches our youth for Christ.)

Media / Radio Ministry - (Reaching the World with the teaching and preaching of The Gospel of Christ / The Message of The Cross.)

Missions - (Going and helping where the Lord leads us to help in the propagation of The Gospel and the The Message of The Cross.)

To Donate By PAYPAL
, please click the donate button to the upper left and enter the amount desired in the ITEM PRICE!  Smile
If you don't already have a PayPal account you may set up one there.

   Scan this QR Code with your mobile phone or device to make an easy online donation.  Thank You for your Prayers and Support. BLESSINGS

We are believing for blessings for you, with all spiritual blessings.  May God richly bless you for your commitment to the work of God.

For God So Love The World, That He Gave
Earth Spinning
His Only Begotten Son, That Whosoever Believes In Him Should Not Perish, But Have Everlasting Life.

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Full Life Family Fellowship / Ministries

Full Life Family Church
17400 Crystal Valley Road
Little Rock, AR. 72210
Full Life Family Worship Center
15917 Highway 113
Roland, AR. 72135


Click Here to give Tithes, Offerings and Love Gifts.

All donations are greatly appreciated and will be used for the Work of God.

Thank You!  

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