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God Loves You!  God Loves You so much that He sent Jesus to die on The Cross for You!   

Jesus Loves You so much that He took Your Punishment.  Jesus took Our punishment on The Cross!  He Died so that We can Live!  He died for all Our sins.  He paid debt of Sin which is Death.

Jesus Gives Us Eternal Life!  He Gives Us an Abundant Life while We are here on Earth!

The Holy Bible tells Us that where Sin abounds that Grace much more abounds.  God's Grace is Greater than all sins.

God's Love and Grace is so Great that He will give Salvation and Deliverance to all Who Believes on The Lord Jesus and on what He has done for them on The Cross! 

We must admit that we are a sinner.  We need to admit that we all have sinned and fell short of God's Glory.  Romans 3:10,23; Romans 5:8; Romans 6:23
We need to ask God to forgive us our sin and repent of our sins.  To repent means to turn away from sin and to turn to God with our whole heart.  Romans 10:13; Acts 3:19
We must put our faith in the Lord Jesus and believe in Him for our salvation.  John 3:16; John 14:6
We become the children of God by receiving Jesus as our Lord and Savior and by believing in His finished work on the cross in our behalf.  We must believe on His Name.  John 1:12; Revelation 3:20
If we confess with our mouth the Lord Jesus, and believe in our hearts that God has raised Him from the dead, we shall be save.  Romans 10:9,10
God the Father loves you so much that He made a way through Jesus Christ His Son for you to live forever with Him. 
"For God so love the world that He gave His only begotten Son that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life." John 3:16
Prayer For Salvation
Dear God, I accept Jesus Christ Your Son as my personal Lord and Saviour.  I accept Jesus' death on the cross and the shedding of His precious blood for the washing away of my sins and wrongs that I have done.  I confess with my mouth the Lord Jesus and I believe with my heart that You, God the Father, have raised Jesus from the dead.  I believe in the shed blood of Jesus for my cleansing.  I believe that You, Heavenly Father, will make me a new person in Christ Jesus and that the old will pass away.  I believe that my sins are forgiven in Christ.  I give You my heart and life. I make You my God and Father and Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.
  I thank You for forgiving me and cleansing me of my sins and making me Your Child.  I believe that I am now "Born Again", a new creation of your grace and love because of my faith in Jesus and His finished work on the cross. Thank You Heavenly Father!  I ask all in Jesus Name!  Amen!

Please let us know about your decision in Christ.  Thanks!

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