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Full Life Family Church

 Full Life Family Worship Center  
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Ministries of Full Life Family Fellowship that Preaches
The Message of The Cross!


   Pastor Guenther has restarted services at 15915 Highway 113 Roland, AR 72135 on 02/24/2024.  We need people who are interested in helping to contact Pastor Brent at 501-401-4800  This location will be know as:

Sundays at 2:00 pm
Saturdays  at 10:00 am
Please come out and join us. 

 Today's Date and Time is. 

   The Message of The Cross is the Message of Christ Jesus and Him crucified for the salvation of lost, sinful, fallen humanity; as well as, for sanctification, deliverance, healing, and the wholeness of man which is the Hope of all mankind.  Full Life Family Fellowship is a Ministry that preaches and teaches The Whole Truth of The Word of God.
  Full Life Family Fellowship and it's ministries are here to win the lost to
Christ, to make Disciples for Christ and to preach and teach the entirety of The Word of God.  We are preaching Christ and Him Crucify.  We are preaching Jesus!  We are preaching the Message of the Cross.  Our desire is to do our part in spreading The Truth of The True Gospel of The Lord Jesus Christ to the World as given by God in His Word.

 Full Life Family Fellowship
Full Life Family Church
17400 Crystal Valley Road
Little Rock, AR. 72210

Sunday Morning Service:

Sunday Night Service:


Wednesday Night Service:

Full Life Family Worship Center
15917 Highway 113 
Roland, AR. 72135
(West Pulaski County)
Saturday Service
10:00 am
Sunday Service
2:00 pm
Thursday Night
(To Be Determined
At A Later Time.)

 Please join us in one of these services.

(Send us an email or leave us a voice message.)


Yon may Contact Us at: 

For God So Love The World
He Gave Us Jesus

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Full Life Family Fellowship / Ministries

Full Life Family Church
17400 Crystal Valley Road
Little Rock, AR. 72210
Full Life Family Worship Center
15917 Highway 113
Roland, AR. 72135


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